Jun 25

Episode 12 - Alien Conspiracy

Filmmaker Craig Campobasso talks to us about Valiant Thor, an alien visitor who met with President Eisenhower at the Pentagon, and the film he made about this incident.

Mar 26

Episode 9 - Alien Encounters

Part One in our series on extraterrestrials and UFOs!

Dark Matters is a creepy comedy talk show hosted monthly at the Pack Theater in Hollywood! This month:

Film Composer Scott Smalley (Mission: Impossible, Starship Troopers, Ali) will be with us to talk about his first person experiences with extraterrestrial beings.

Director Justin Gaar joins us to talk about his new documentary "Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs" (on Netflix now!) and his experiences in the UFO community.

PLUS very possibly maybe a super famous celebrity guest!