Taking its inspiration from Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM, Dark Matters explores the world of the scientific, the metaphysical, the strange, and the occult with a scientist’s curiosity and a journalist’s ear for the truth.

Dark Matters was created by Franky Guttman & Michael Bilow. Katie Reed is the Associate Producer, and Rich Develetian is our Music Director.

Franky Guttman, Co-Host

Franky Guttman is a comedian, editor, and truth-seeker. Originally from New York City, his editing credits include Son of Zorn on FOX and …with Bob and David for Netflix. He performs regularly with Fussy at the Rude Mondays show at the Pack Theater, and with several other groups including Thrashtown across Los Angeles. He owns a dog that once tried to bite Michael’s penis.

Michael Bilow, Co-Host

Michael Bilow is a scientist, comedian, and skeptic. In his waking hours, he is a PhD student in computational genetics, working in the lab of Eleazar Eskin on causality and methods development in genome-wide association testing. He is also an improviser, performing with Fussy at the Pack Theater, and Pew Pew Pachoo. Michael has a 3-2 record on Jeopardy! and was once almost bitten on the penis by Franky’s dog.

Katie Reed, Associate Producer

Katie Reed is a comedian and actor. A graduate of the University of California, Irvine, Katie voices Tina on the animated series BELLE & TINA ARE TIME TRAVELERS! and works as a video editor and freelance writer for the YouTube channel Smosh. Katie writes and performs as part of Late Nightmare with Emily Candini at the Pack Theater and with the ensemble of Comedysportz LA.

Rich Develtian, Music Director

Rich is a musician and composer who spent many years roaming the country in a black van with no markings and tinted windows. No one knows for sure what the vehicle’s contents were. Rich, sworn to secrecy, can only reveal that whatever was in there… it was OURS. He now records, performs, and writes music for a variety of projects including feature films, TV shows, UpdownUp, and <a href-“http://www.rundmc.com/dmc/”>DMC</a>.